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Azure IoT Central’s reported retirement plans remain mysterious

News that Microsoft plans to retire its Azure IoT Central platform, used by many developers to create customized IoT (internet of things) frameworks for large-scale deployments, has been partially walked back by the tech giant, prompting confusion among IoT experts.

Challenges Faced by Middle East CISOs in 2023

2023 has been a highly eventful year for cybersecurity in the Middle East, with a rise in state-sponsored attacks attributed to geopolitical conflicts.

Reddit gives Google access to content for training AI models

Reddit has agreed to provide Google with access to its content to train the tech giant’s artificial intelligence (AI) models, the social message board site announced on Thursday.

Cellphone Outage Highlights Decline of Landlines in the United States

During an AT&T network outage, Bernice Hudson remained calm when her cellphone service went down this week.

Nvidia Reports Surge in Revenue and Profit in 4Q Due to High Demand for AI Chips

Nvidia's fourth-quarter revenue and profit experienced a significant increase as a result of strong demand for its chips used in artificial intelligence applications.

American Honda IT Employs Generative AI for Innovation

American Honda Motor Co. is undergoing a digital transformation with the help of generative AI, offering its 30,000+ employees the tools needed to drive the company's ingenuity. Located in Torrance, California.

Florida is trying to pass one of the strictest social media bans for kids under 16

A bill to create one of the nation’s most restrictive bans on minors’ use of social media is heading to Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has expressed concerns about the legislation that would keep children under the age of 16 off popular platforms regardless of parental approval.

Waymo's request for expansion suspended by California officials

The CPUC said it has suspended its review of Waymo's application to operate in San Mateo County and parts of Santa Clara County.

Everything you need to know about the chaos at Yuga Labs

On Wednesday, Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre was pushed out as CEO. Cofounder Greg Solano, commonly referred to by the moniker, Gargamel (or Garga), took back control of the company known for stewarding NFT collections including the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Artificial Intelligence CEOs Discuss Growing Demand for Processing Power

In San Jose, CEOs of OpenAI and Intel held a meeting to address the increasing need for advanced chips in the artificial intelligence market, as the industry continues to experience significant growth.

Most recent

Nvidia's stock market value rose $273 billion in a day. How it rose to AI prominence, by the numbers

Nvidia’s stock price jumped 16% on Thursday, increasing the company’s market value by a staggering $273 billion in just one day, a record amount. The chipmaker has been seeing soaring demand for its semiconductors, which are used to power artificial intelligence, or AI applications.

Google to discontinue Google Pay app in June

Google plans to close the Google Pay app for users in the U.S. in early June, ending a service previously considered as a potential successor to Android Pay and Google Wallet.

How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Naval Manufacturing

The Navy has embraced the use of 3D printing technology to produce components with military-grade materials, proving its effectiveness beyond just toys and scientific applications.

White House Involvement in Debate over 'Open' vs 'Closed' AI Systems

The Biden administration is stepping into a heated discussion on whether the top artificial intelligence systems should be 'open-source' or closed.

AI company identifies homeless encampments in Austin, Texas

With Austin's population on the rise, the city is witnessing a growing number of individuals facing homelessness, prompting an AI company to map out locations of homeless camps.

Google temporarily suspends Gemini AI chatbot's ability to create images of people

Google announced on Thursday that it is halting its Gemini artificial intelligence chatbot from generating pictures of people after apologizing for inaccuracies in the historical depictions it was producing.

Fox News AI Newsletter: Google's woke AI image fail

Stay up to date on the latest AI technology advancements and learn about the challenges and opportunities AI presents now and for the future.

Biden administration waiving some 'Buy America' requirements in broadband buildout

The Biden administration announced Friday that it is waiving some “Buy America” requirements for its $42 billion broadband program.

Private Company Achieves Moon Landing with Lunar Lander on its Side

Intuitive Machines successfully landed their lunar lander on the moon's surface, making them the first private business to accomplish this feat. The mission, sponsored by NASA, included experiments conducted by the space agency.

Bill headed to South Dakota governor would allow museum's taxidermy animals to find new homes

South Dakota's Legislature has made it easier for the city of Sioux Falls to find new homes for more than 150 taxidermy animals of its arsenic-contaminated collection.

In case you missed

An online dump of Chinese hacking documents offers a rare window into pervasive state surveillance

Chinese police are investigating an unauthorized and highly unusual online dump of documents from a private security contractor linked to the nation's top policing agency and other parts of its government — a trove that catalogs apparent hacking activity and tools to spy on both Chinese and foreigne

5 Important Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle

Buying a car can be a complex process, especially when considering a used electric vehicle. Discover the key factors to keep in mind before purchasing a pre-owned EV.

Remembering landlines in the aftermath of this week's cellphone outage

When her cellphone service went down this week because of an AT&T network outage, Bernice Hudson didn’t panic. She just called the people she wanted to talk to the old-fashioned way—on her landline telephone, the kind she grew up with and refuses to get rid of even though she has a mobile phone.

Pakistan blocks X for the sixth day as activists criticize the social media platform's shutdown

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan's media regulators have blocked the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, with users across the country on Thursday enduring the sixth day of sweeping disruptions, partial and complete shutdowns.

IBM X-Force Report: Stolen Credentials Pose Major Threat to Network Infrastructure

A recent report from IBM's threat intelligence unit, X-Force, highlights the growing risk of attacks on critical network infrastructure due to stolen credentials.

Hyundai's Supernal and Embraer-backed Eve Air Mobility see future in electric-powered air taxis

SINGAPORE (AP) — As the aviation sector seeks ways to make air travel less polluting and more sustainable, aerospace company Embraer and South Korean automaker Hyundai are among the companies betting on a new form of air travel -– air taxis.

Reddit strikes $60M deal allowing Google to train AI models on its posts, unveils IPO plans

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Reddit has struck a deal with Google that allows the search giant to use posts from the online discussion site for training its artificial intelligence models and to improve services such as Google Search.

Broadcom's Acquisition of VMware: Partners and Customers Question Commitment

Broadcom's purchase of VMware for $69 billion last November has prompted radical changes that have left partners and customers uncertain about their loyalty to VMware. Many are reevaluating their opinions on VMware, including the author who admits to never being a fan.

Juniper amps up AI networking plans

Juniper Networks is fleshing out its strategy for adding more power to the routers that will be at the heart of its AI network scheme in data center, enterprise and service provider systems.

Lily Zeleke Leaves Deputy DoD CIO Position, Reasons Unknown

Lily Zeleke has been serving as the deputy chief information officer for information enterprise at the Department of Defense since 2022. Bill Dunlap, a former DARPA CIO, will serve as the acting deputy CIO following Zeleke's departure.