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Sex offender with multiple warrants shot, injured by police after shootout at Arkansas hotel

Arkansas authorities are investigating the non-fatal shooting of a parolee, who reportedly fired at officers serving a warrant at a Little Rock motel.

Minnesota mayor faces pressure to resign or meet LGBTQ+ group's demands after his comments on Pride

Members of an LGBTQ+ advocacy group are calling on the mayor of a southern Minnesota city to either meet their demands or resign

Good-bye 'wife,' hello 'spouse': Democrat bill seeks to abolish 'gendered' terms

First it was "mothers" and "pregnant women," and now Democrats are targeting another two sex-based words: "husband" and "wife.

Alabama parents arrested after abandoned child tests positive for cocaine: police

Daphne, Alabama couple Hannah Straszheim and Tyler Still were arrested and charged after their 2-year-old daughter was allegedly found drugged and dehydrated outside their apartment.

Lindsay Lohan gives birth to her first child, a boy

"Parent Trap" star Lindsay Lohan and her husband, financier Bader Shammas, are the parents of a "beautiful, healthy son" named Luai, her rep told The Associated Press in a statement Monday.

Lionel Messi Chose Miami, and Miami Loves Him for It

Soccer-crazy South Florida has welcomed the world’s greatest player — now the region’s best-known celebrity — with murals, marketing and milanesas.

Georgia's top court rejects Trump attempt to thwart prosecutor in 2020 election investigation

Georgia's highest court has rejected former President Donald Trump's request to block a district attorney from prosecuting him for his actions in wake of the 2020 election

Around the world

Questions, friction over Biden's point man on Iran mount on Hill

Friction between the White House and Republicans over the Biden administration's top Iran policy official heated up over the weekend, with a key GOP member of the House saying it "would be treason" if special State Department Iran envoy Robert Malley is found to have leaked classified secrets to for

2 parties on the left of the Dutch political spectrum have agreed to join forces ahead of election

Members of two left-leaning Dutch political parties have overwhelmingly voted to join forces ahead of a November general election in an attempt to unify their side of the Netherlands' splintered political spectrum, they said Monday.

Russia says Ukraine killed 2 in attack on key bridge to occupied Crimea

Ukraine won't admit attacking the strategic 12-mile road bridge, but says damaging it "means fewer broken Ukrainian lives.

Wildfires threaten vacation homes near Athens, Greece

Greek authorities have issued evacuation orders for at least six seaside communities near Athens as wildfires continue to spread. The flames have posed a threat to vacation homes.

Heat wave Cerberus scorching Europe

Extreme heat is scorching Europe, where many fear the record for the highest temperature ever could be broken. Meanwhile, East Asia has also been inundated with extreme weather. Chris Livesay reports.

Explosions Damage Crimea Bridge as Russia Blames Ukraine for Attack

Russia accused Ukraine of hitting the Kerch Strait Bridge for the second time in 10 months, saying that two maritime drones had struck the bridge, an essential supply line for Russian troops.

Blinken pushes against Rand Paul's blanket hold on diplomatic nominees

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there would be no confirmed U.S. ambassadors to Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon by the end of the summer.


Court halts order barring Biden admin. communications with social media companies

The temporary administrative stay from the 5th Circuit will remain in place "until further orders of the court.

Booking a flight? Scammers' clever trick to con even the savviest travelers

Before you plan your vacation with your family this summer, watch out for new tactics scammers are using to ensure smooth travels.

Did you freely say 'yes' to allowing apps permission to your Google account?

Did you know that you may be giving third-party apps permission to your Google account? Kurt "CyberGuy" Knutsson shows you how to keep your information safe.

Threads takes on Twitter. Should you join?

Threads might have launched at just the right time. Many Twitter users have been unhappy at recent changes new owner Elon Musk has made, and while there has been a parade of alternatives, none of them have taken off in a big way.

Elon Musk says his new AI firm will use Twitter data, work with Tesla

The billionaire said relationship between his companies would have "mutual benefit" and could accelerate Tesla's work in self-driving capabilities.

No, photos won't be permanently deleted from your iPhone later this month

Despite some fears voiced by customers online, Apple will not be mass-deleting user photos from its devices near the end of the month.

Clendaniel: Why I won’t be joining Zuckerberg’s Threads

App is just another means for the 39-year-old gazillionaire to mine users' data for another big payday.

Sports News

Biden to host WNBA champions after star slams him for lack of White House invite

President Biden invited the WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces on Monday to the White House after one of its star players slammed him for a lack of invite or recognition.

Saquon Barkley and Giants Cannot Agree to Long-Term Deal

The team and Barkley, a two-time Pro Bowl running back, missed an N.F.L. deadline Monday with training camp just over a week away.

After Michael Phelps, a kinder, gentler Bob Bowman is still producing top swimmers

When Bob Bowman was coaching the world’s greatest swimmer, he’d be the first to concede he was not a very nice person at the pool. Screaming, berating and belittling were an accepted part of the package.

Will Lakers give LeBron James the Kobe treatment and retire both numbers when he hangs it up?

The Lakers retired both of Kobe Bryant's jersey numbers when he called it a career. Will they do the same for LeBron James' No. 6 and No.

At star-studded Wimbledon, Kate Middleton outshone Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig and Ariana Grande

Whatever troubles the British monarchy faces right now, the fact is that the royal band can't be denied, with the Princess of Wales proving to be one of the powers behind the brand.

Johnny Bench apologizes for an antisemitic comment during the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame ceremony

Hall of Famer Johnny Bench apologized for an antisemitic comment he made at an event to honor former Cincinnati Reds general manager Gabe Paul, who was Jewish, and others.

Column: Wrigley Field’s drawing power means the Chicago Cubs need only the illusion of contending

Some franchises need a winning team to sell tickets. The Chicago Cubs once needed only sunshine and beer — and now with more night games, they really need only beer.

Politics News

Abortion in Iowa is legal again, for now, after a judge blocks new restrictions

An Iowa judge temporarily blocked the state’s new ban on most abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy days after Gov.

RFK Jr. condemned over false claim that COVID was "ethnically targeted"

In videotaped remarks, Kennedy suggested the virus was designed to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people, drawing accusations of racism and antisemitism.

Georgia Supreme Court rejects Trump attempt to thwart prosecutor in 2020 election probe

Georgia's highest court Monday rejected a request by former President Donald Trump to block a district attorney from prosecuting him for his actions in wake of the 2020 election.

Democrats urge Republicans to rescind RFK Jr. invitation to testify

Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is expected to testify before a House panel Thursday.

Officials file more charges, but not hate crimes, against man accused of attacking Muslim lawmaker

A prosecutor has added felony charges, including attempted sexual assault, against a man accused of attacking Connecticut’s first Muslim state representative after a prayer service

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announces 2024 Senate campaign

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is running for the U.S. Senate in an effort to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Georgia's top court rejects Trump attempt to thwart prosecutor in 2020 election investigation

Georgia's highest court has rejected former President Donald Trump's request to block a district attorney from prosecuting him for his actions in wake of the 2020 election