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OceanGate, owner of Titan sub, suspends operations

OceanGate, the owner of the Titan submersible that imploded last month while on an expedition near the wreckage of the Titanic, killing all five people aboard, has suspended operations.

Experts debate whether new citizenship test will be harder to pass

The Biden administration's attempt to redesign the citizenship test has some immigration advocates arguing it will make it tougher for new arrivals to win citizenship.

Indiana man gets 41 years for van crash that killed 6-year-old

Nathaniel Jordan, 33, of Muncie, Indiana, has been sentenced to 41 years in prison for his role in a 2017 van crash that left a six-year-old girl dead.

Settlement reached in gambling violations case, but email draws attorney general's scrutiny

North Dakota's attorney general on Thursday announced a settlement with three gambling equipment distributors he accused in April of violating the state's charitable gambling laws and regulations.

DeSantis raised $20 million in the 6 weeks since announcing his presidential run, his campaign says

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis raised $20 million in the first six weeks after he announced his run for president, his campaign said Thursday.

WV officer fatally shoots unarmed Detroit man who claimed he had gun, threatened to blow up house

Ahmad Abdulah, 25, of Detroit, was fatally shot by a Huntington, West Virginia police officer after making multiple violent threats. Abdulah was later determined to have been unarmed.

Technology to eliminate "forever chemicals" showing positive results

A new study has found that man-made toxic PFAS, known as "forever chemicals," may be found in 45% of the tap water in the U.S. However, a scientific company has developed a technology that uses an annihilator to completely eliminate PFAS within seconds. Mark Strassmann has more.

Around the world

"A living nightmare": U.N. chief calls for action against Haiti's gangs

"The Haitian people are trapped in a living nightmare," said U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, calling for a robust international force to help restore security.

Ex-US officials held secrets talks with Russians on Ukraine War: report

Former U.S. officials in the White House and State Department have held talks with Russians including Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – on negotiations to end the Ukraine war.

Palestinian militant kills Israeli soldier in West Bank, a day after Israel's military raid in area

A Hamas militant on Thursday opened fire near an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank, killing an Israeli soldier, a day after Israeli forces withdrew from the largest military operation in the West Bank in two decades.

Zelenskyy visits Bulgaria and draws support for Kyiv's NATO membership bid

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy discussed military aid Thursday during a trip to the Bulgarian capital in which Bulgaria's parliament expressed its support for Ukraine's entry into NATO after i ts war with Russia is over.

Business travel for Indonesians to Australia will be made easier in a deal between national leaders

Business travel for Indonesians to Australia will be made easier in a bid to boost the economic partnership between the two countries following a deal struck between their leaders

Railroad industry sues to block limit on crew sizes that Ohio imposed after E. Palestine derailment

The railroad industry has sued to block a new minimum crew-size requirement that Ohio imposed after a fiery train derailment in East Palestine in February.

OceanGate suspends all exploration after Titan sub implosion

OceanGate has suspended all exploration and commercial operations in the aftermath of the Titan sub implosion.


TikTok and 5 content creators ask federal judge to block Montana from banning app

TikTok Inc. and a group of five content creators who are suing the state of Montana over its first-in-the-nation law to ban the video sharing app are now asking a federal judge to block implementation of the law while the case moves through the courts and before it takes effect in January.

TikTok and 5 content creators ask federal judge to block Montana from banning app

TikTok and a group of five content creators who are suing the state of Montana over its first-in-the-nation law to ban the video sharing app are now asking a federal judge to block implementation of the law while the case moves through the courts

Supreme Court rules Christian web designer can turn away business related to same-sex weddings

Supreme Court rules that conservative Christians have a free-speech right to refuse to provide some business services for same-sex marriages.

Threads takes on Twitter. Should you join?

Threads might have launched at just the right time. Many Twitter users have been unhappy at recent changes new owner Elon Musk has made, and while there has been a parade of alternatives, none of them have taken off in a big way.

How this father turned the tables on robocallers and scammers after incident with his son: 'sense of revenge'

Robocall scams steal tens of billions of dollars every year in the U.S. Frustrated by the constant calls, this man created an AI to waste scammers' time.

Lewis Branscomb, Champion of Science Across Fields, Dies at 96

He led scientific advances at IBM and within the federal government during a career that spanned the space race and the dawn of the internet.

Zuckerberg claims tens of millions of Threads signups within hours of launch

The CEO of Facebook's parent company is trying to position Threads as a direct challenger to Twitter.

Sports News

Brooks Koepka has ‘basically given up’ on LIV teammate Matthew Wolff: ‘Talent’s wasted’

Koepka, who captains the Smash GC squad, tore into Wolff during an interview with Sports Illustrated as friction between teammates seemed to reach a new level.

Vintage Chicago Tribune: We started baseball’s first All-Star Game — 90 years ago

Vintage Chicago Tribune offers a look back at events, places and people involved in shaping Chicago’s past, present and future, in ways both small and big.

Báez's 2-run single in 1st starts Tigers to 9-0 rout of A's. 10th time Oakland shut out

Javier Báez had a two-run single in the first inning, All-Star Michael Lorenzen combined with three relievers on a four-hitter and the Detroit Tigers routed to the Oakland Athletics 9-0

Zach Wilson’s mom takes subtle shot at his ex-girlfriend: ‘Found a good one this time’

In an Instagram story posted by Lisa Wilson, she praised the way Nicolette Dellanno had meshed with her family and how good she seemed with her son.

ESPN lays off popular on-air talent in latest round of cuts

Jeff Van Gundy, Jalen Rose and Keyshawn Johnson were among the list of roughly 20 staffers who lost their jobs.

Brooks Koepka accuses LIV teammate Matthew Wolff of quitting on the golf course

Brooks Koepka has accused LIV Golf teammate Matthew Wolff of quitting on the course, telling Sports Illustrated he has "basically given up on him.

DeMaurice Smith wants NFL to eliminate Rooney Rule in final move as NFLPA executive director

DeMaurice Smith isn't out as the NFLPA's executive director just yet, and his final move is calling for the elimination of the Rooney Rule.

Politics News

'Are you two the token Black kids of the department?' The snubs and insults that accompanied affirmative action

An unintended consequence of affirmative action — a policy meant to boost diversity — is that it can be wielded like a weapon to make people of color feel like they don't belong. The Times spoke with Black and Latino Americans who wonder if this stigma will persist.

Experts baffled by White House invoking Hatch Act to dodge Hunter cocaine question: 'ridiculous'

Ethics experts were baffled by the White House's invocation of the Hatch Act to dodge a question on the cocaine found this week at the presidential residence.

Pennsylvania Gov. Shapiro chides GOP over late budget, urges cooperation in passing plan

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro on Thursday called on Senate Republicans to cooperate with the state House over agenda items included in an overdue budget plan.

Questions raised about claim in controversial Supreme Court case

A man identified in court filings as "Stewart" told CBS News he never asked 303 Creative for a same-sex wedding website, and doesn't know who did or why.

Federal Judge Defends Clarence Thomas in New Book

Judge Amul Thapar assiduously defends the Supreme Court justice but says courts should foster greater public understanding of how they work.

Sen. Cotton asks Secret Service about arresting owner of White House cocaine stash

A Republican lawmaker wants to know more about how a stash of cocaine wound up at the White House last weekend and whether the Secret Service will make an arrest if the culprit is identified.

DeSantis Campaign Struggles to Make a Strong Case Against Trump

The Florida governor, who has yet to demonstrate himself as a campaigner on a national stage, has been plagued by a series of unforced errors and has yet to make a strong case against Donald Trump.