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Robert De Niro's grandson Leandro De Niro-Rodriguez dies at 19

Leandro De Niro-Rodriguez's mother mourned her son in an Instagram post​, calling him "my beautiful sweet angel" who she loved "beyond words or description.

All-trans and nonbinary hockey team gives youth sense of community

Ice hockey's Team Trans is believed to be the first all-transgender and nonbinary sports team in the U.S. Roxana Saberi reports on how the team is helping trans and nonbinary youth find a sense of community.

Man found alive after being reported missing as a teen 8 years ago

Rudy Farias, who was 17 when he went missing in 2015, was found alive last Thursday. He was recovering in a hospital after being found unresponsive with cuts and bruises outside a church.

Texas DPS recover two abandoned young Guatemalan children in Eagle Pass

Texas Department of Public Safety troopers found two migrant children, ages 8 and 11, abandoned in Eagle Pass along the Rio Grande River.

Pro-Kennedy Super PAC Says It Has Raised $10 Million

A super PAC backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said an even mix of Republicans and Democrats contributed to its $10.25 million haul.

Two suspects at large after Baltimore mass shooting

Police are looking for two suspects in the Baltimore mass shooting that killed 2 and wounded 28 others over the weekend. Scott MacFarlane has the latest.

Legitimacy of mysterious would-be 'customer' in Supreme Court gay rights case raises red flags

A Christian graphic artist who the Supreme Court said can refuse to make wedding websites for gay couples pointed during her lawsuit to a request from a man named "Stewart" and his husband-to-be. The twist? Stewart says it never happened.

Around the world

Mexican president tells Americans not to vote for Ron DeSantis

Mexico's president called on U.S. citizens Monday not to vote for Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis because of his state's enactment of a tough immigration bill.

A Timeline of France’s Protests After Police Fatally Shoot a 17-Year-Old

Clashes between protesters and the police continued in cities across France. “We don’t forget, we don’t forgive,” crowds chanted.

Dutch and Luxembourg PMs urge Serbia and Kosovo to defuse tensions under shadow of war in Ukraine

The prime ministers of the Netherlands and Luxembourg on Monday urged Serbia and Kosovo to act to defuse recent tensions that have threatened to push the Balkan region into instability as Europe faces Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

Fighting Rages on Multiple Fronts as Counteroffensive Continues

Kyiv’s forces have made more small gains, but the situation on the battlefield is “quite complicated,” a senior Ukrainian official said.

Palestinians say at least 9 killed in major Israeli raid in West Bank

Israel says it's targeting Palestinian militant operations in the occupied West Bank's Jenin refugee camp, which it calls a "center for terrorist activity.

Last surviving member of French D-Day unit dead at 100

Leon Gautier, the last surviving member of France's Kieffer Commando — one of the first to come ashore at Normandy on D-Day — has died after being treated for lung issues. He was 100.

Mutiny Provided Glimpse of a Post-Putin Russia. Is the Window Still Open?

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s revolt showed the possibility of a Russia after Vladimir Putin — and how pro-democracy forces may not be the ones that take over.


Apple is shuttering My Photo Stream. Here's how to save your photos.

Follow these steps to store your photos onto your device before they disappear from Apple's free storage system on July 26.

Deep sea mining permits may be coming soon. What are they and what might happen?

The United Nations body that regulates the world’s ocean floor is preparing to resume negotiations that could open the international seabed for mining, including for materials vital for the green energy transition

European telescope launched to hunt for clues to universe's darkest secrets

A European space telescope has blasted off to explore the mysterious and invisible realm known as the dark universe

Crimeware services for crooks are fueling the surge of cybercrime

Kurt "The CyberGuy" Knutsson warns about cybercriminals using Crimeware-as-a-Service and shares what steps you should take to ensure that your information is secure.

California lawmakers act after Taylor Swift ticket fiasco. Ticketmaster tries to shake it off

Live Nation's Ticketmaster is targeting resellers as California tries to rein in the entertainment company's dominance in the live music industry.

Brentwood U-pick capital of the U.S.?: That’s the aim as city zones in on agriculture with new center

Harvest Time will partner with groups to offer tours, help teach children, residents about agriculture.

1st country lets patients with depression be prescribed psychedelics

Australia is now the first country to allow psychiatrists to prescribe certain psychedelic substances to patients with depression or post-traumatic stress disorder

Sports News

From Alex Morgan to Ada Hegerberg, these are the stars to watch at the Women's World Cup

The brightest talents in women's soccer will be on show at the Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

From Alex Morgan to Ada Hegerberg these are the stars to watch at the Women's World Cup

The brightest talents in women’s soccer will be on show at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

GOATs Are Everywhere in Sports. So What Really Defines Greatness?

Athletes from Tom Brady to Serena Williams to LeBron James have all been tabbed the Greatest of All Time. Faced with the term’s pervasive use, our columnist considers how sports heroes become transcendent.

Tony Gonsolin struggles again and Dodgers lose series to Royals

Dodgers right-hander Tony Gonsolin has his third ineffective start in a row, and the lowly Royals win 9-1 to take two of three in the series.

Damar Hamlin helps teach Yankees CPR class six months after on-field cardiac arrest

Six months and one day after his on-field cardiac arrest, Damar Hamlin took a trip to Yankee Stadium to help teach members of the Bronx Bombers CPR.

Athletics look up to Tony Kemp as veteran presence during difficult times

Tony Kemp weathered a brutal slump and the way he handled it was a lesson that wasn't lost on younger teammates.

PGA Tour is sending 2 executives to a Senate hearing as LIV cites conflicts

The PGA Tour is sending two leading figures to next week's Senate panel reviewing its surprise business agreement with the Saudi backers of LIV Golf

Politics News

Hunter Biden driving 170 mph in Porsche among new laptop photos posted online

First son Hunter Biden filmed himself appearing to smoke a crack pipe while driving around Arlington, Virginia, outside the nation's capital.

Biden announces new plan for student loan forgiveness after Supreme Court rejects his first try

President Biden announced he intends to purse a new student loan forgiveness plan under the Higher Education Act after his original plan was overturned by the Supreme Court. Skyler Henry reports from Washington.

GOP presidential candidates praise Supreme Court rulings

Republican presidential candidates praised recent Supreme Court rulings that struck down affirmative action in college admissions, blocked President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan and ruled in favor of a designer who didn't want to make websites for gay wedding couples. Mr.

What to Know About a Seemingly Fake Form in a Supreme Court Gay Rights Case

A supposed request for a website for a same-sex wedding played a minor role in a major clash between free speech and gay rights at the Supreme Court.

Pence says "I don't remember any pressure" from Trump on state governors after 2020 election

Former Vice President Mike Pence tells "Face the Nation" that although he called Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey after the 2020 election, he did so to "check in, with not only Gov. Ducey, but other governors and states that were going through the legal process of reviewing their election results.

Republicans Have to Sign a Loyalty Pledge to Debate. Who Will and Who Won’t?

Donald J. Trump and Ron DeSantis have not given straight answers on whether they will sign the pledge, which is required to make the debate stage.

California city raises minimum wage to $19.08 per hour: highest in America

West Hollywood, California, a star-studded enclave near Los Angeles, has raised its minimum wage by over $1.50 since the beginning of the year.