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Are TikTok trends leading to 'tattoo regret' among Gen Z?

Are TikTok trends leading to 'tattoo regret' among Gen Z?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — People have gotten tattoos for years, and while some have regretted their tattoos, social media has made "tattoo regret" more prevalent.

An article from USA Today described "tattoo regret" as something people either experience immediately or later on, especially as some women think of how they would look on their special day in a wedding gown, or simply not matching their aesthetic.

Patchwork-style tattoos are a recent tattoo trend among Generation Z, where the artwork consists mainly of clusters of tattoos that are not cohesive.

As trends come and go online, TikTok user @saraovershares, shared that she regrets all her tattoos and even advises to not make that lifetime decision.

She emphasized that other people in their 30s she's talked to say their tattoos no longer reflect who they are anymore, and that the tattoo reflects only a simple moment in time in their 20s.

Sara also shared that her tattoos cost her thousands of dollars and missed job opportunities because of her tattoos.

Another user, @smoneyyz, talked about getting tattoos as she was going through a lot of life changes. She described her choices as impulsive and not well-thought-out.

"If you're going through something, don't get tattoos," she said.

She described feeling an "inner ache," saying she does not envision herself looking like certain brides on their wedding day because of her dark tattoos that no longer reflect her present self.

USA Today reported that shifting social media trends may have younger audiences acting on impulse and rushing the process. Some tattoos may even seem dated or out-of-style if that art is reflective of a trend online.

Tattoo artist Gabs Miceli told the news outlet that most people don't regret their tattoos altogether, but "regret the decision to stick to one similar style in such a high volume in such a short amount of time."

With the growth of social media influencers, it is also likely people are being influenced to get tattoos and not thinking about the potential of the long-term consequences.

To avoid tattoo regret, it's important to be in the right head space when thinking of getting a tattoo. From the design to the placement, be sure to not only think about what makes you comfortable now, but what it might look like and how it will make you feel in the future.

And if you do regret a tattoo, Miceli said laser removal and coverups are always an option. Regret can be overwhelming, but at the end of the day, do whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.