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AI robot fans seen at Chargers-Dolphins game  

AI robot fans seen at Chargers-Dolphins game  

The NFL is back, much to the joy of football fans around the country. 

Supporters of the Chargers and Dolphins were out en masse for Sunday’s season opener for both teams, and to the surprise of some fans, some AI robots joined them in the crowd. 

The “fans” were shown on SoFi’s double-sided video board sitting with blank stares amongst their cheering human counterparts and were also seen at field level. 

They were placed around the stadium to promote the upcoming 20th Century Studios sci-fi film “The Creator,” which debuts in theaters on Sept. 29 and is centered around a futuristic war between humans and robots. 

This is not the first time that film promotion has infiltrated a major league sports stadium; actors promoting the horror film “Smile” sat behind home plate with creepy smiling masks at three MLB games – including a Cardinals-Dodgers game – in Sept. 2022. 

Whether the promotion worked or not is still to be determined, but the AI fans couldn’t power the Chargers to victory, as the Bolts started their season with a 36-34 loss to Miami.