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Santos won't resign ahead of expulsion vote

Santos won't resign ahead of expulsion vote

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) -- Time is running out for Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), as he is sure there are enough votes to expel him from Congress. However, he still refuses to resign.

With his title of Congressman on the line, Santos is not going quietly.

"If I leave, they win," he said. "If I leave, the bullies take place — this is bullying."

Two previous efforts to remove Santos failed, but the recent findings in the House Ethics report could change the outcome.

"So, they're all judge, jury and executioners cause evidence isn't really a conviction or a verdict," Santos said.

Santos was pressed on the findings from the ethics report and why he couldn't address or defend himself before the vote.

"I didn't say I was waiting for the vote to come down," Santos answered.

He was then reminded it was coming down on Friday.

"I understand. I'm doing this in a different schedule. It's not the schedule of the House or the expulsion," Santos said.

But Republicans like Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) say Santos is out of excuses.

"He defrauded donors. He set up a company to have the donors put money in and transferred the funds to his personal bank account. It's illegal," Lawler said.

House Democratic Leader, Hakeem Jeffries, says he expects a largely bipartisan vote to end Santos' time on Capitol Hill.

"George Santos is a malignant distraction and hopefully that issue gets resolved," Jeffries said.

If he is voted out, Santos would be the sixth member ever expelled from Congress.